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Track sales, purchases, collections and taxes.

Advanced analytic tool & SQL Payroll software.
A dedicated team of experts.

Customizeable from payroll functions to payroll reports.

Guaranteed accurate paychecks and taxes.

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Premier Dealer for SQL Accounting & Payroll Software in Kelantan for more than 10years

✔️ Organizes your finances intelligently in one place

✔️ Track sales, purchases and collections

✔️ Maintain and keep your inventory up-to-date

✔️ Generate and print useful info with advanced analytic tool.

Integration with SQL Account

POS system, manufacturing software, e-Commerce and many other 3rd-party systems are now readily integrated with SQL Account.


Generate professional grade business reports with dynamic re-balancing of report structure and self-tuning query optimization.


Customize your SQL Account to suit your workflow, increase efficiency and productivity.


Our Team members that have been trained professionally and will help you solve any kind of issue regarding your business software and equipment.

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